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Human anatomy upper limb

Human anatomy upper limb

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The upper limb or upper extremity is the region in a vertebrate animal extending from the The term "upper arm" is redundant in anatomy, but in informal usage is used to distinguish between the two terms. .. In contrast to the skeleton of human limbs, the proximal bones of ungulates are short and the distal bones long to. Anatomical Areas. Bones of the Upper Limb. Muscles of the Upper Limb. Nerves of the Upper Limb. Joints of the Upper Limb. Blood Vessels and Lymphatics of. Identify the divisions of the upper limb and describe the bones in each region; List the bones and bony . This image shows a radiograph of a human hand.

Upper Extremity Quiz. Select one or more category and press "Start Quiz" to begin. Arteries (50 items) Bones ( items) Breast (7 items) Hand and wrist. The upper limb consists of four major parts: a girdle formed by the clavicles and Frazer's Anatomy of the Human Skeleton, 6th ed., rev. by A. S. Breathnach. Upper limb has been highly modified in humans to enable the superior reach and anatomy and is responsible for providing overhead movements to human.

Basics · Cardiovascular · Musculoskeletal · Digestive · Neuroanatomy · Reproductive · Respiratory · Urinary. Social. Facebook · Google+ · Twitter. Legal. Ulnar · Radial · Median · Musculocutaneous · Axillary · ARTERIES · VEINS. Bones of Upper Limb Bones of Hand. 22 Dec This section of the illustrated atlas of human anatomy details the upper limb. 92 anatomical illustrations have been produced, all in vector. The upper limb has been shaped by evolution, into a highly mobile part of the human body. This contrasts with the lower limb, which has developed for stability. The upper limb (upper extremity) is truly a complex part of human anatomy. It is best studied broken down into its components: regions, joints, muscles, nerves.

FIG. – Front of right upper extremity. Skin.—The skin covering the shoulder and arm is smooth and very movable on the underlying structures. In the axilla. Information. For anatomists, the upper limb consists of the arm (the upper arm), the forearm (the lower arm), and the hand. The arm consists of a single bone, the . The bones of the upper extremity of the upper limb girdle represented (scapula and clavicle bone) and the skeleton of the free portion of the upper extremity. The upper limb is a common site of injuries sustained at work sites for adults and while playing in S. Jacob MBBS MS (Anatomy), in Human Anatomy,



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