Friends, I am so sorry to have started this blog and then stopped.  I could say a lot of things have happened; life, death (Max and I’s beautiful furry companion Charlie), new pets (meet Merlin and Winter), exams, papers, Christmas (Max and I hosted for both our parents-wowee), and a trip to San Diego.  Another reason, and to be honest, the main reason is that I have been doing a lot of thinking and evaluating of my eating habits.  While I have been humming and hawing over different diets and what to “call” myself; I don’t want to promote one way of eating and then switch to another- especially on a blog.  Figuring out a diet that works for each person is difficult!  Max and I have been discussing how we want to feed ourselves; what works best for our lifestyle and the environment.  Although we are still eating some meat, our diet has become mostly plant based.  I am also, doing away with any titles, I’ve decided that they’re not for me.  The only constant in the universe is change, and I feel that labelling myself as one definite thing for my whole (and hopefully long) life isn’t what I want to do.  Max and I also joined a Veggie Box Co-op that has been amazing (check it out here).  It is volunteer run, and they try to source as locally as possible.  They also have a vendor that comes to sell local meat which has been amazing.  It’s been great for our grocery budget, try getting as much fruits and veggies for the same price at any other grocery store, you can’t!  SO- thats what’s been going on with my life the past few months. I have added a few photos at the bottom if you’re so inclined.  I’m going to try and take some photos of Max and I’s lunch prep tomorrow and hopefully do a post on that. Hold onto your hats and thanks for sticking with me!

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